I bring my SAFEGO with me everywhere I go.

— Eva L.


Recently went on a trip to Colombia with my wife. It was absolutely amazing, that for once we didn’t have to worry about our phones, money and car keys. Used it in hostels, beaches, even at the airport it was convenient. So easy.

Clayton Lasten

Love it!
Me and my girls use our SAFEGOs every weekend on the beach. It is so much more relaxed, knowing that all our phones are safe and dry - and not having to worry about it. THANK YOU! ❤︎

Jacinta da Silva Correia.

I have a car rental company and we offer SAFEGO to our renters. Every single one of them is extremely enthusiastic about the locker. We always recommend not to leave any valuable stuff behind in the car. This is just the perfect solution.

  Ricardo de Vos

SAFEGO was our travel buddy when we traveled around the world. We don't know how we would have travelled without it. We used it on the beach, at rooftop pools, in hostels, during city trips and when we went road tripping..

— Bob W.

Amazon reviews


I bought this portable locker for my trip to the Caribbean, because my sister recommended it. She always uses it for travel and in her dorm room. It was very convenient on the beach and gave me a secure feeling and I also used it during a hiking trip. As far as I can assess, the safe and the cable seem very sturdy.

Amazon.co.uk customer, 2019


Many times I worried about being robbed at the beach, in the park or at the hotel pool. It takes just a quick snatch from under your towel or in your beach bag. Now our companion is the SAFEGO ... Of course this box is not a steel safe, but in the places mentioned a thief hardly goes around carrying heavy tools.  I will soon feel much better, whenever the beach chairs are unattended.

Amazon.de customer, 
[translated] 2019


We used this as an additional way to lock up items in our hotel room while traveling abroad. We had read some reviews about in-room safes being broken into so I decided to give this a try. It worked really well. We put cash, credit cards, and passports in this rather than take the chance of using the room safe. Combination was easy to change too. I would recommend for traveling.

Amazon customer,  

This is absolutely brilliant! Finally, we can go swimming together, instead of leaving someone behind to watch our stuff. Thanks SAFEGO!

Tim Martina