Camp with SAFEGO

Summer is finally here! We can’t wait to drink cocktails on the beach and wear sandals again. Summer plans are always a good idea!

Speaking about summer plans, we were wondering.. Have you ever camped? We actually did, in Australia. A lot of people we know love camping, but couldn’t believe we would camp in Australia. ‘What about the snakes, spiders and other creepy animals?’ they would say. Well, we didn’t see one!

Everyday, we camped on another beautiful place in the forest or near the sea. We used SAFEGO to keep our valuables safe. We attached it easily to our tent and we slept peacefully. We didn’t worry about our belongings anymore, because we knew they were safe. But one night, we had to go out of our tent to find a restroom on the camping ground. We were both shocked about all the little eyes that were staring at us. We were surrounded by Kangaroos! Kangaroos are friendly creatures, but still, it was a bit creepy! That was the only scary moment on our trip. We would definitely recommend to drive The Great Ocean Road and go to the Grampions afterwards, a beautiful National Park. Oh, and don’t forget to order fish and chips in one of the cute coastal villages. Are you planning to book a trip to Australia? Leave your question(s) in the comments and we’ll be happy to help you wherever we can.

😘 Team SAFEGO 


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